General Park Rules


[Code of Conduct – Policies]

       When planning a visit to Cyan Waterpark, it’s necessary that you know all about General Park Rules. Knowing them will ensure that you are prepared to have an enjoyable and safe experience. These rules are also part of your ticket purchase agreement.

Code of Conduct

Dress Code. To keep with our family-friendly environment, as well as for health and safety reasons, Cyan Waterpark enforces a dress code. Refer to our dress code policy. 

. Cyan Waterpark maintains a healthy environment. Smoking is prohibited except for designated smoking areas. E-cigarettes/vapes are treated the same. Refusal to abide by the rules may result in removing guests from the park without compensation. Smoking any illegal substances is strictly prohibited, even in designated smoking areas -notifying authorities is standard procedure.

Bullying. Threatening, abusing, annoying, or invading the privacy of any person inside the park is not allowed. Failure to behave appropriately will result in ejecting the person (of any age) without any type of compensation.

Harassments. Cyan Waterpark prohibits harassments of any kind, especially sexual harassments, and will take appropriate and immediate action in response to any complaints or knowledge of a violation of this policy. Management takes all complaints and tips seriously, even from children. Management has the right to remove accused violators without compensation, and notify authorities based on complaints alone.

Language. Guests should not use profanity, abusive language, offensive symbols or gestures towards other guests or staff. Guests who do so may be ejected from the park without refund.

Line Jumping. Line jumping is not allowed. Guests who choose to leave a line may not return to the same spot and must re-enter at the end of the line. Guests are not allowed to save spots for others.

Unsupervised items. Guests are not allowed to have loose articles anywhere in the park. While guests are going to be tempted to leave personal items in queue lines, rides’ entries, or rides’ exits, management prohibits from doing so, and are not responsible for missing items; instead, guests are encouraged to store their belongings in a locker, or have them supervised by a non-participating guest of the same group.

Littering. Cyan Waterpark holds high standards of pools and facilities sanitation, and holds itself socially accountable to encourage better waste management/behaviour.
Guests are strongly encouraged to place their waste directly into bins. Cyan waterpark enforces a strict no food, beverages, or other waste in pools/rides. Failure to follow these rules may lead to a warning, or ejection.

Seating areas and landscape. There are designated seating areas. Reserving seats or tables is not allowed. All furniture is for who utilize them first. Sitting in fenced areas, landscaped areas, high traffic areas is not allowed, so is littering, damaging, or leaving personal items in landscaped areas.



Ticket Policies  

  • Tickets are non-refundable.
  • Tickets are valid for the specified date/s only.
  • Guests are allowed entry through the correct ticket category.
  • Only tickets obtained directly through Cyan Waterpark website, or ticket desks are valid.
  • Ticket holders must present their ticket at the admission desk to gain entrance to the park. 
  • Admission staff may require ticket holders to present their photo IDs.
  • Ticket entry is valid once a day. Guests who plan to leave the park and return must get approval before they leave the park.
  • In case of any circumstances that may cause management to close some of the park, the entire park, or evacuate guests; Cyan Waterpark has the right to act according to what it sees fit in terms of compensation, if any. Guests will be directed to Customer Service if they were issued a compensation, where processing takes a period of time.
  • Entry tickets are for water attractions only.
  • Entry tickets are valid for the opening hours specified by Cyan Waterpark for the date of the ticket. Cyan management has the right to modify opening hours without notice or approval.
  • Entry tickets are subject to all ride’s limitations, such as height limits, weight limits,combined weight limits, male/female segregation, etc.
  • By purchasing a ticket, or by claiming one, ticket holders agree to Cyan Ticket Policy, and Cyan General Park Rules.
Dress Code Policy

To keep with our family-friendly environment, as well as for health and safety reasons, Cyan Waterpark enforces a dress code

Women’s swimwear guidelines.

  • Length. Women’s swimwear should cover body skin. Top piece length reaches mid-thigh. Bottom piece reaches shin.
  • Material. All swimwear should be made out of nontransparent water-friendly materials. Cotton, jeans, and other inappropriate materials are not allowed.
  • Accessories. For safety reasons, all accessories are not allowed. Including those attached to the swimwear.

Men’s swimwear guidelines.

  • Length. Swim shorts should at least cover high knee point.
  • Material. All swimwear should be made out of water-friendly materials. Cotton, jeans, and other inappropriate materials are not allowed.
  • Accessories. For safety reasons, all accessories are not allowed. Including those attached to the swimwear.

Prohibited items and activities.

For security and safety reasons, guests’ personal belongings are subject to a search.

Prohibited Items

  • Glass items, and glass bottles
  • Food and beverage (except infant food and water)
  • Scooters, roller-blades, skateboards, bicycles, electric vehicles, drones, remote controlled devices, laser pointers, shoes with built in wheels.
  • Toys, and large inflatables.
  • Snorkels, diving masks, and fins.
  • Weapons of any kind.
  • Any illegal substances.
  • Fireworks or other similarly explosive and/or flammable objects.
  • Spray paint/markers.
  • Animals.

Prohibited activities 

  • Selling vouchers, promoting businesses, or any other commercial activities.
  • Playing music or other media on a loud speaker.
  • Performing for crowds (dances, tricks, etc.)
  • Giving speeches.
  • Rallying groups.
  • Fights.
  • Causing damages, which leads to both ejection and cost of damage accountability.
Safety and Health Policies
  • General Health. If you are prone to having seizures, if you have a heart disease, blood pressure problems, neck, back, or joint problems, any other health issue, or if you are pregnant, kindly do not participate in any of CYAN’s attractions.
  • Swimming Ability. Participating in any of CYAN’s water attractions require a strong swimming ability. Weak swimmers should not test their abilities.
  • Running Walk your way around. Running is the number one cause of accidents in waterparks.
  • Rough Playing; no diving, jumping from high places, pushing others, shoulder riding, dunking, and any other form of rough playing.
  • Slippery Surfaces. Due to the nature of the park, slippery and wet surfaces are common everywhere in the park. For your own safety, take notice of not slipping and injuring oneself.
  • Dress for Safety. The wrong swim-wear poses safety and health concerns. Buttons, spikes, and loose fabrics could injure guests. Refer to CYAN’s dress code guidelines.
  • Fenced Areas. No sitting on fences, crossing them, or sitting in a fenced area.
  • Hands Free. Do not keep any items in pockets while on any of Cyan’s attractions. Electronic devices, and related accessories are not permitted on any ride.
  • Read, Listen, and Observe! Before getting on a ride, make sure that you read the ride’s instructions. Ask a staff member if you don’t understand. Make sure that you listen to verbal instructions by CYAN staff members and lifeguards. Observe and understand what you’re getting oneself into. Make sure you have the ability to hold on to tubes, the ability to swim in that attraction, and the ability to walk up a flight of stairs.
  • Chlorine Exposure Prolonged exposure to chlorinated water may cause irritation to those with sensitive skin, sensitive eyes, or allergies. Avoid long exposures, and avoid opening your eyes under water.

Minors and Guardians Policy: 

  • 13-year-olds and younger are not allowed into the park if they were unaccompanied by a responsible adult.
  • The following is every guardian’s responsibility:
  • Knowing children’s whereabouts at all times
  • Children’s safety
  • Making sure that children follow General Park Rules, Policies and Instructions

Photography Policy

Guests may take photos and videos in the park, but are to be used for personal use only. No commercial use of any kind is allowed without a written consent of Cyan Waterpark management.

For security and operational reasons, once entering the park, guests grant Cyan Waterpark the right to film, record or photograph them on park property without payment or consideration.

No cameras to be used in the locker rooms for any reason.

Mobiles, cameras, and their accessories are not allowed into the rides or pools. Guests are responsible for their equipment’s damages, and/or damages cause by it.

Instructions Policy

Following instructions is essential to everyone’s safety. Guests are obliged to follow both written and verbal instructions. Failure to do so gives Cyan Waterpark the right to deny entry, or eject guests without compensation.

Operational Flexibility Policy 

  • Cyan Waterpark has the right to stop any attraction for temporary maintenance, or shutdowns.
  • Park Rules is subject to change without notice. The Park may have additional rules which if not followed, may lead to ejection without refund.
    • Cyan Waterpark has the right to refuse entries or have a guest leave the park without refund or compensation in any of the following circumstances:
      • Not complying with the rules
      • Any other reason which management deems necessary to ensure the safety of guests or employees.
      • Any other reason management deems necessary to ensure a peaceful and pleasant environment for guests.

Ladies Day regulations and conditions

  • Cyan Waterpark’s guests are required to keep their phones inside the security phone pouch at all times, which is designed to prevent photography
  • A fine (200 SR) will be charged in any attempt to destruction or damage the security phone case. Non-compliance will lead to contact the relevant authorities.
  • Necessary procedures will be taken if the security found undisclosed device.
  • In case of any emergency cases, the medical team, first aid team, and Cyan Waterpark technicians and supervisors will be allowed to enter the ladies area.
  • Compliance with the ladies dress code requirements as mentioned in the instructions board at the main entrance and the official website.
  • Cyan Waterpark reserves the right not to operate certain games based on operational capacity.
  • Compliance with general terms and conditions of Cyan Waterpark on the website within the property facilities to ensure the safety of guests.
  • Tickets are non-refundable nor exchangeable.
  • Food and beverage from outside are not allowed to be entered.
  • Cyan Waterpark is not responsible for the lost personal items.
  • Smoking, including electronic cigarettes, is strictly prohibited.
  • Your purchase of tickets is considered as an agreement to comply with all the terms and instructions of Cyan Waterpark that are mentioned on the instructions board at the main entrance and the official website.
  • Non-cooperation, verbal or physical abuse against any member of the staff will lead to take the necessary action and contact the relevant authorities.
  • Cyan Waterpark management reserves the right to refuse the entry of a guest to the park or to require a person already admitted to leave the park for rule violations without any compensation or refund to ensure a peaceful and pleasant environment for guests.
  • All boys scaling 120 cm and above are not permitted to enter the waterpark during the ladies’ day.